Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Shared Happiness

i have not open my mail box more than 2 months. i m so glad to receive an email from our shequ buddy Lay Kuang which sent on 17 May 2012. Her email as below:-
Dear friends,
How are you? I am Sister Shi Her-Xuan, living in Plum Village now. That's how we call ourselves as monastic here. We are now having Health Retreat and soon will have 21 days retreat. They were all fully booked months ago.
It's spring in France now. I just had dharma sharing with a group of young people - aged below 35 (but some below 40 y/o). Felt very happy to see how a seven-days retreat help so many people coming from the whole world, transform their sufferings.
Or at least, able to stop, relax and start to recognize and understand themselves.
Having stayed here for half a year, I had been able to stop and really face myself, understand myself and be really present in the present moment. Being able to be present in the present moment and present for myself and the surrounding around, I feel the love (compassion) from within.
Yeah, still have lots of habit energy.. but very happy able to face them in peace and embrace them with love.
Really hope to share all my happiness with all of you and at the same time would like to invite you to come to give yourself a treat, a chance to stop, to recognize and love yourself and all beings.
You will find lots of unexpected transformation or facing yourself or living in the present moments
May you be well and happy
with metta,
Sister Shi Her-Xuan


  1. Glad to hear from you, sister.

    It is indeed a bless for being able to live in the present and having the compassion for ourselves and all living being.

    May we all strive in the path of the Lord Buddha.


    Chung Shen


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